We’re Live Baybee!

Jan 3, 2021 | 2 minutes read

It’s high time I put something out on the internet about myself. For the volume of time I spend on a computer, I’m still remarkably offline. In an attempt to kludge together a landing zone for sharing photos, writing posts and making professional contacts I’ll be publishing this website. An astute reader will also observe at the time of publishing this, January 3rd 2021, I have just finished winter holiday break during quarantine. With the abundance of free time I looked into setting up this web server on my vps and self-publishing — it was a fun little project.

So what do I plan to post here? I have a few ideas of series of posts and themes for the things I’m interested in. The obvious ones are trip reports for climbing/outdoors, goofing around personal projects, and slice-of-life photos. I would also like to publish updates about research I’m doing for work, although some issues may come up with propriety of that information. If anything, having a little BTS stream of consciousness account of the technical problems I encounter and how I solve them after the papers are published might give others important context and useful information when encountering similar roadblocks.

If I keep this up(really going to try!) I anticipate the site seeing a few changes. I’m not entirely happy with the layout and organization. I would like to either replace the template or build in some more options for categories of sharing to have more complete looks at ongoing projects. Thank you for entertaining my narcissism! Here’s a wonderful picture of cooper for your troubles. cooper